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Spring Care for Your Pond-Backyard Pond/Essential Cleaning

Springtime care for your backyard pond is the first step to rejuvenate your pond after the winter months. Things are starting to warm up in the spring and the plants and all your pond creatures are all going to start coming to life. You want to create the proper setting for an overall healthy well-balanced growing season. This is when you should be spending some time in getting everything ready for the new season. Small circular pond with floating purple Lily on water surrounded by decorative rock edging, springtime pond cleaning, Pond care

Spring Pond Cleaning Is Your Starting Point for a Healthy Season

Once the temperature has increased enough that you do not have to worry about anymore freezing, you want to first clean off and take away your pond de-icer. Take a look over all your electrical equipment this would include the wiring which could have become brittle and cracked during the winter.

You want to check your fountain pump to make sure that no visible damage has occurred. This is a good time to also check over any mechanics of your pond including the liner, GFI outlets or anything else that is used to operate your pond.

Start by cleaning out any dead leaves that you find in and around your pond or any other rotting organic material that you may have noticed that has accumulated in the bottom of your pond. Because your plants have not started to grow and your pond ecosystem is out of balance you may find that the algae will start an accelerated growth before your plants start to take off.

Once everything starts to grow the algae should start to disappear and everything should balance out. If the algae level does not go away then you might want to consider some pond treatment kits that can help you with algae control.

Tips on Taking Care of Parts of Your Pond in spring

Submerged Plants, Floating Plants and Marginals

All pond plants have a specific role in creating a healthy and well-balanced ecosystem for your pond and you want to get them ready for a new growing season. By following a few tips you can help revitalize the plant life in your pond, and even freshen the appearance with a new design.

Koi, Goldfish, and Orfes

Orange, yellow, white orange stripe pond fish swimming around, garden pond fishFish can help bring new energy and add beauty to your water garden. Tropical fish tend to have more tolerance with temperature changes and also when they are introduced to reduced oxygen levels typically what you can find in small water gardens.

The fish do not only bring beauty and life to your water feature they also help with mosquito control by eating larvae. Overall they also help to help keep a good well-balanced water ecosystem.

Pond Equipment, Pumps, Filters, Pond Lights

You will want to make sure that everything is in operational order so that you can start your water feature for the new season. If you have put away some of the equipment into storage this is the time you want to collect all of it and bring it back out and hook everything back up. This may include your water pump, tubing, water fountain and any other mechanical device you may be using for your pond.

Seasonal Garden Pond Maintenance Tips:

Backyard ponds will provide years of enjoyment

Springtime is the best starting point for your pond. You want to be able to give it a good and healthy start so that it will give you months and months of a beautiful water feature for your backyard decor. By sticking with a regular maintenance for your pond you will be able to keep the ecosystem healthy and thriving.

Building a Backyard Garden Pond-Proper Plan for Size/Design
Adding a beautiful backyard garden pond to your yard will allow you to create a focal/interest point for your garden decor. Water will bring another level of design to your garden theme. Adding a water feature will also help you to utilize other garden accents such as bridges, paths and lighting.

Garden Pond Directory-Reviews, Comparisons, Tips
Having a beautiful Backyard Pond is one of the best ways to blend nature into your extended living area. Garden ponds, waterfalls and stream cascades provide you with a stirring sense of motion from the sound of the water to the wildlife that you will attract to your pond oasis. Find links to resources and articles to help you with Building a backyard pond, garden pond maintenance, pond cleaning, rigid pond liners, flexible pond liners, water pump selection.

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