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Backyard Pond Maintenance-Provide a Clean/Balanced Pond Ecosystem

Keeping your backyard pond healthy and clean in the summer can be easy with the proper maintenance. By using some simple garden management tips you will be able to provide your backyard garden decor with a low maintenance beautiful water feature. Whether you are working with small garden containers on your patio or have a medium to large pond your main goal is to keep a well-balanced ecosystem.Large oval pond with floating lily accents and surrounding vegetation with stonework edging, garden pond maintenance, outdoor pond cleaning tips.

Beautiful Water Pond Accents Are Not Just Cosmetic

Everything works with each other in a backyard pond environment this includes your plants (floating lilies, submersible potting plants) and the fish that you will add to the pond if this is the feature that you would like to incorporate. You do not have to have fish in your water garden to make everything work.

The advantages of having fish is that they can become a natural mosquito repellent as they will eat mosquito larvae and provide you with another level of interest in your pond.

By having a variety of beautiful floating plants above and below the water surface you will discover that they do not only look good but they also help filter the water naturally which can help with your algae control, combined with the water they will keep the area that they are in cool compared to other areas on a hot day.

By providing submerged plants you are also creating a natural area for fish to have shelter and to feed. Typically you want pond plants to be placed roughly about every 2 feet sq. for the overall pond surface.

Know what is in your pond water by using test kits

It is highly recommended that you invest in a good pond water testing kit. This is very helpful to give you a good idea of what levels of chemicals are in your water, this is a very inexpensive water treatment solution. The main things that you want look for with your test results is the ammonia and nitrate levels, especially when you first fill the pool with freshwater.

You could make testing as part of a maintenance schedule thereafter (every couple weeks) to make sure that the chemical levels in your water are safe. The true sign of a problem is by watching your fish, if they look stressed then you may have a possible chemical problem.

A quick and easy solution is to slowly drain out some of the water in your pool and replenish with freshwater that should help in lowering any high levels of ammonia and nitrate.

Tips for Your Garden Pond Maintenance

Water Pond Problems / How You Can Fix Them

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What should I look for in a pond water testing kit?

Building your backyard pond process:

Keep Your Pond Water Levels Topped off

You have to watch the levels of your water especially in hotter times of the year for the evaporation that your garden feature will go through. Even measuring just an inch of water lower than your normal level of the pond starts to raise levels of salt concentrations and minerals that can be unhealthy to your pond's environment. Without the protection of that level of water your liner is susceptible to deteriorating because of the UV sunrays.Round pond with marginal plants, orange koi fish and water spray feature surrounded by shale rock edging, garden pond care, pond cleaning.

When you are adding water to the pond try to put the hose towards the bottom of the pond and only allow a small amount at a time as you do not want to attract fish to the garden hose but more importantly you want to watch that you do not change the temperature and pH level of the water too much. Make sure that you only add about 10 to 20% of water volume at a time otherwise your fish may go into shock.

If you have to freshen up the pond try to drain about 10% of the volume and try to draw the water from the bottom of the pond as this is where you will find a lot more concentrations of harmful chemical levels. Refilling is as mentioned above slow as you do not want to shock your ecosystem in the pond.

Backyard Water Fountains with Lights
Light can add another level of ambience to your backyard decor. Lights are another way to add shadows and reflecting sparkle from your water feature. Fountain lights have become ever more popular to add to your fountain, pond or any other water feature that you have in your backyard. It adds a sense of feng shui with the essence of the water sign and provides you with a calming relaxing atmosphere.

Wooden Wind Chimes-Provides a Warm Natural Sound to Your Garden
Wooden windchimes have a natural down to earth essence about them. Typically made from bamboo they provide your backyard atmosphere with soft mellow tones. Providing the music for your backyard wooden windchimes work well in combination with organ windchimes and long tube chimes as they will create music that will blend well together and bring your backyard to life.

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