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  • WindWeather Summer Fairy Chime Wind Spinner Wind Spinners

    WindWeather Summer Fairy Chime Wind Spinner Wind Spinners

    Our Summer Fairy Chime Wind Spinner is a true garden delight. Two hand-hammered metal fairies are decked out in their favorite summer dresses with broad-brimmed hats to keep the sun at bay. Their delicate wings help them hover above wispy clouds and pivot around a central axis when the wind blows. Each fairy raises an arm holding a star-topped wand that strikes a small bronze bell at the top of the spinner as they pass.

    Wind and Weather   –  $39.95 similar products related to Fairy Chimes
  • Magical Fairy Days Silhouette Windchimes Set Of 3

    Magical Fairy Days Silhouette Windchimes Set Of 3

    Silhouettes of frolicking fairies enliven this set of windchimes bejeweled with radiant red and green beads. Each day the fairies seem to strike a different pose as they twirl above the melodious chimes. There's a touch of magic in any garden, but these outdoor accents make that playful spirit come alive..

    Gifted Living   –  $94.50 similar products related to Fairy Chimes
  • Wildflower Fairy Bell

    Wildflower Fairy Bell

    Wildflower Fairy Bell Eyeglasses....

    BestBuyEyeglasses.com   –  $103.99 similar products related to Fairy Chimes


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